About Us

Boyers Construction has combined forces with S.E.A. Builders for a culmination of over 60 years of experience designing, building, managing, and remodeling construction projects in the commercial, industrial and residential spaces.  We have the knowledge, know how, and experience to bring your dreams to fruition. 


Industrial Factory & Warehouse Complexes

New Homes & Major Additions

Commercial Office Remodels & Builds


USDA Manure Storages

Machine Storage Facilities

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Meet the Team

Al Frey

CEO & Founder of S.E.A Builders

Luke Boyers

CEO & Founder of Boyers Construction

Joel Grieser

Residential and New home Project Manager

Eric Creighton

Commercial Project Manager

Zac Gracia

Renovation & Equipment Manager

Steve Nafziger

Metal Building Sales and Business Development